Sunday, 29 January 2012

My dilemma

Cycling ? Hmm. I run. I like to run. I love to run. I am injured. Again. So I cant run. Again. I am fully confident that I will overcome my current injury and go on to run many miles. In the short term though,  i am frustrated. I miss my running and I miss the buzz, the endorphin buzz, the “I did it” buzz. I dont like the gym as such. For me, it serves a purpose at times, but that is all. Swimming, I am get back into. I have never been a swimmer and have never swum more than a mile, but I am enjoying it to a degree. But whilst I can run in the mud and the hills whenever I want (when fit), swimming is limited to when the pool is open. And it’s the same everytime obviously!
Now cycling ! Well here’s a whole new can of worms that could be opened. I’m afraid to try it properly for this reason and this reason alone : I’m afraid I might get the bug. Then what ? Well a bike for a start and I’m sure there is a whole wardrobe of kit out there i would need/want. I have a nice bike I go tootling around on sometimes. It has straight handlebars, a pannier for all my gubbins, fits me etc etc. I have a spare tube in the pannier, but god knows what I’d do with it in the event of a puncture.
In short, I want to run, I cant run at the moment, I’m scared to try the cycling (very good local club too). Should I just sit this injury out and get back to running when I can and ignore the cycling thing? Or............

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