Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Testing some new kit

Today was wet and windy, so I took the opportunity to try out some new clothing, namely Inov8 Mistlite jacket and trousers and More Mile Cheviot trail shoes.
Conditions: 5 to 6 degrees, NE wind, raining, very soggy underfoot. Running on grass and woodland boggy trails. Just over an hours running.
The Jacket: I have worn this quite a few times before today and find it quite sweaty, especially in the arms. Today was quite a bit colder so I never felt this a problem. The windproofing is excellent and its quite water resistant without being waterproof (which I dont think it claims to be). Today was the first time I’ve used the hood. I didnt think I like the feeling of restriction, but I was happy with it. Keeping the windchill off my head was good. I found it a bit intrusive around the eyes with the draw strings pulled, but I had no hat on, so I think it would fit better with a hat. It rolls up easily into its own pocket and worn round the waist with its own belt, its very comfortable. Verdict: too sweaty for warmer weather, but about perfect for todays conditions.

The Trousers: This was the first time I’d tried the trousers. I am very much a “shorts” runner so I was apprehensive about these. I need not have been. I barely knew I had them on and was delighted not to feel the windchill with the wind driving the rain onto me (rather than caused by my speed !). Again I think they’d be a bit sweaty in warmer weather, but then I wouldnt be wearing them if it was warmer. I’d be happy to carry them on a hill run just in case the weather turned. Verdict: excellent, although no obvious way of carrying them other than in a backpack.

The Shoes: I admit that I was attracted to these shoes purely for their price and the deal. I have only had Inov8 trail shoes. These shoes cost £30 with a running fleece (excellent quality) thrown in from Startfitness.co.uk. They have very rough tread which provided excellent grip in the muddy conditions. They felt comfortable. I havent owned trail shoes this grippy before and was impressed. If my run involved firmer tracks I’d prefer my Inov8 Roclites or Flyrocs, but for the sloppy stuff these win hands down. Its too early to tell how long they will last, but for the deal I am more than happy.

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