Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Running: the cause and cure of all my ills?

Yet another injury and yet another recovery. Bloody running. I won't bore you, or myself, with my previous injuries. Lets just say that I, like many other runners, have had a frustrating time with injuries.
I once read a "corny" quote that " cyclists talk about their equipment, runners talk about their injuries." Corny maybe, true yes. Running and being injured seem to me to be as connected as my hand is to my arm. I'm getting used to it though and hopefully I'm learning to deal with it better.
Now I must admit to being a little upbeat here because I have just run after 3.5 weeks off. Back injury, gardening not running related.
If I had written this just after I had seen a GP, who told me to give up running entirely (cycling is bad for your neck and swim only front crawl.......doom merchant in the extreme), this blog would be covered in blood, mine.
 Fortunately Twitter friends told me I'd be back, my own GP boosted my confidence and an excellent sports physio did his stuff.
I've swum this last week, had a gentle gym session but this morning I ran. I make no excuse for going over the top about this. I enjoyed the gym session, the sweat and the buzz. My swimming is coming on well. But to run through the woods at 6.30 in the morning is indescribably good. The cool air, a few birds, listening to my breath as I find a rhythm. I really, really enjoy this. And I want to keep doing it:-)
Before this injury I was due to run a 40 miler in the hills this weekend. That isnt going to happen but I am going to support my friends who are doing it. I'll be jealous. I wont miss the pain that'll be involved, but I will miss the massive sense of satisfaction they'll feel when they finish. I'll see it in their faces and hopefully I'll be there again soon.......if another injury doesn't stick its oar in :-)

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