Sunday, 29 June 2014

Duns Castle woods in pictures

I spend a large part of my running life in these woods. Most days after work I head here and run a few miles. Its the perfect slow down after a hectic day.
I don't really care about the weather, but it is generally nicer when its sunny and summery. However, there are trails that are accessible in winter but too nettley in summer. The ground conditions vary hugely, which I love. These photos attempt to show the variations on offer. They don't do justice to the gradients. The run I took these pics on was 10 miles and had around 1200 feet of climb. Basically any run here will average around 100ft/mile.
I would add that this run took place mid morning on a summer Sunday and I saw one person (a cyclist. No walkers. No runners). Ive no idea why more people don't lap this place up.
In no order, these photos attempt to show the varied running conditions in this wee paradise.
                                                                      The Hen Poo

                                                                   Some clear paths
                                                                  Easy through the trees

Deer Tracks

                                                                      The old quarry road
                                                              Bare coniferous forest floor
                                                               Deciduous woodland

                                                               The Perch Pond
                                       Narrow, twisty trails overgrown at this time of year

                                                           Trails sloping left....

                                                                   .....and right
                                             The Hen Poo from the Bruntons

The most tricky sections aren't worth photographing as they are largely low branches, whin bushes and nettles. If you'd like a tour of my playground, just ask !

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  1. Your playground looks pretty damned awesome to me fella!