Friday, 30 November 2012

A downside of (not) running

Briefly, after 2 months off due to injury, I started back running at the start of march 2012. I built up slowly, but was soon running quite big mileages. By the time I sustained a calf injury on 18 November 2012, I had run every day for 266 days covering 1702 miles. The last few months I was averaging 8 miles + per day. Then I stopped. Bang !
I realised that I had to let the injury heal and thought the enforced rest would be good for me generally. My legs were not in great shape, despite bi-weekly massages, and I was tired. And indeed the rest has helped my legs without doubt.
What I hadn't bargained for were the side effects of suddenly stopping running. All was fine for the first week, although I did have a couple of disrupted sleeps. Then I thought I'd contracted a stomach bug. I had the weird mixture of a bit of constipation combined with diarrhoea. This has now changed to constipation and all its associated nasties, such as bloating, wind etc.
I am tired pretty much most of the time. Two nights ago, I came in from work, ate a little soup and went to bed at 6pm. I made myself get up from 8 till 10 so that I might sleep most of the night. Last night I slept from 9pm till 3am, was awake from 3 till 4.30, and then slept again till 7.30. By 10.30 this morning, I was shattered and work was hard going.
I have just run 4 miles and fingers crossed my injury will be OK. I finished the run feeling sick, bloated and lethargic.
I'm not sure there is a lesson to be learned here. If there is one, it's perhaps that I need to get all my eggs out of the one basket.

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