Monday, 19 November 2012

The death of a runstreak

This is the tale of the death of my runstreak. Before its death, we should start at its birth. On the 27th of February this year (2012) I ran 1 mile. Sure it was only 1 mile, but in retrospect it was an important mile. I dont remember where it was or what it was like, but that doesnt matter. It was the first one of 1702 miles and 266 days that have been run in this runstreak.
Back to the start. I gave myself a stress fracture of a toe at the end of 2011. Why? How? No idea, but that's history, but that resulted in no running in January or February (until the 27th).
That first, tentative mile on the 27th February was the start of a journey I couldn't have nor wouldn't have dreamt of. Where it has taken me has delighted me and, to be honest, amazed me.
My initial wish was to be able to run again. I'd had great support from the running community on Twitter and it was with their encouragement that I started to build on it. I followed people on Twitter who were practising the runstreak (in real terms, running every day). I thought, in my naivety, that this might be a good vehicle to get me back.
Well, little did I know where it would take me. Slowly, mile by mile, I regained my confidence. I stopped thinking my foot would break on each step I took. I got boosted by the great people of Twitter who congratulated my 50 day runstreak, then my 100 day etc. I was amazed how quickly the days ticked by and how addictive this became. Very quickly the thought process changes from "shall I run today" to "when will I run today". I have joked that I was a prisoner to the runstreak. I knew that when I was saying that, that it was true. I was a prisoner, but I did love it !
Prior to this year, I have run 10ks, HMs etc. I was happy with that but not pushing my boundaries. The runstreak led me to try other things. I started going for much longer hill runs. Learning that walk was not a swear word.
To summarise 2012: I started off broken. I ran my first (and second) marathons off road, my first (and to date only) ultra off road. I broke my 10k PB and my HM PB (albeit in training as I didn't run one in race). I decided to try for 2012 running miles in 2012 in early October. Having missed January and February, this was always going to be a tall order. I was on course until yesterday.
Time to accept that I am injured, need to give my injury (and probably lots more of my body) time to heal.
I could go out now for a very slow, very sore mile as a streaksaver. But, lets be honest, that would be pointless.
I hereby lay this runstreak to rest, you have been awesome, I have hated you at times, but I love you more.


  1. Hats off to your marvellous efforts and all you've achieved in 2012. Rest now and get well, you can begin again when you're well. Sending big hugs x

  2. Good blog post Johnny, but sorry to hear your calf was that bad...
    Some well deserved rest, get yourself healed and straight back at it man...

    .. Ken

  3. So sorry that your runstreak is over prematurely after so many achievements through the year, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Nurse the injury and you'll come back faster and stronger!

    1. Thanks very much Jenny, I appreciate your kind words

  4. Aw Johnny - what a great post. I often think of you as we shared that injury back at the start of the year. We have gone such different ways, but both achieved things we could never have even guessed at back then.

    I was only talking about you yesterday to my OH, telling him about your runstreak. Sorry to hear you're injured now, but I'm sure you'll be back before too long. If nothing else, I've learnt about the importance of listening to our bodies, and being thankful that I've had the opportunity to do some things that I might never have considered before being injured.

    One door closes and all that.... Good luck with whatever's next, and enjoy a well earned break :)