Sunday, 24 March 2013

Highs and lows

Much is written about the highs we runners experience, the endorphin rush or the "PB glow", but not so much is said about the lows we suffer.
On all longer runs, and a few shorter ones too, I always have low points. I dont know why. Often my fuelling and hydration is appalling, which no doubts accounts for some of it. I'm not too bothered about this as I am quite happy to train my body to run with bad preparation on the assumption that when I do prepare well, I can run better. Dubious thought process maybe, but hey ho!
I find these lows quite satisfying after a long run once I've come through them and finished strongly. Today wasn't one of those days.
I was running fairly happily for 10 miles of a planned 15 mile trail run along the banks of the river Tweed from Coldstream to Norham and back. I started to develop discomfort in my left hip flexor and ITB. This is not new and I have recently consulted an osteopath, who has tried to balance up my posture, spine etc. I suspect that this has aggravated these issues, but hopefully will have long term benefits.
The discomfort changed to almost painful. I finished the 15 miles with a few walk breaks. I was very relieved to finish but very disappointed to feel this way after this distance as I have run much further with no real problems.
This run has left me flat. I dont like to finish a run on a low. The mind is far too powerful a thing and immediately I had doubts about upcoming races (Edinburgh mara in May and a 40 mile hill affair in June).
I do try to "bin"such runs and look forward to the next one, however its hard at the moment with lingering doubts about my fitness. I suppose there wouldnt be any "highs" without "lows".
Time to "man-up" perhaps!

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