Sunday, 7 April 2013

A day on the Northumberland Coast. Probably my favourite place on earth

I headed to the Northumberland coast this morning, hoping to nurse my poorly leg through two 8 milers. I managed the first one OK, but my leg gave up rapidly after 3 miles of run #2. Still I took some photos. As usual, the order is "random"! Lindisfarne first up

Looking back towards the village                        

The harbour                                                         

The castle is just so imposing and impressive     

Nope, no idea either!                                            

Windswept and unspoiled                                    

I loved the colours                                                

Beautiful stones and then sand. Contrasts           

Weird little construction. Missed this on previous visit

There are always patterns on the sand that please me

Keep Left!  OK and I did                                     

Possibly the best piece of driftwood I've ever seen

A very expensive holiday cottage (believe me!)  

Fabulous woodland trails to finish                       

I'd recommend it :-) Thanks for looking

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  1. Great Pics again Johnny! hope the leg improves soon