Saturday, 7 December 2013

A run with bridges

Today I had a 17 miler along the banks of the river Tweed. Technical trail running, frosty to start with, slippy in places but very much fun. And it included bridges, 5 of them to be exact.
I started here at the Union Bridge, built in 1820 that links Scotland with England. Its a magnificent old suspension bridge. If you lie on it, you can feel it gently swing !
I headed downstream on the Scottish side towards Berwick. 3 miles later is the bridge that was constructed as part of the Berwick by pass. Its ugly, but functional.
After this bridge we are about 2 miles from the mouth of the Tweed and hence the North Sea. My first view this morning of the Royal Border bridge, which carries the East Coast rail line was this just as the sun was coming up.

I enjoyed the view but as I was there to run I didn't pay too much heed to it until I started to see this.
Not bad for a phone camera with no filtering I hope you'll agree. As I passed under this bridge, I looked back and had to take another photo.

I was nearing my turnaround point but there are another 2 bridges in Berwick. I'm not sure if they have "proper" names, but I know them as the "old" bridge and the "new" bridge.
There's the "old" bridge through the span of the "new" bridge. I crossed the old bridge and headed back upstream. At the end of my 17 mile run I took this gratuitous selfie back at my starting point: the Union Bridge. There are worse places to be, believe me.


  1. What a great run Johnny, it looks beautiful and the photos are amazing! Fantatsic. Hope things are good with you all. Suex

  2. Brilliant run fella and great pics as always!

  3. Great run and fantastic pics mate!