Sunday, 22 December 2013

Down the coast and around Holy Island

Some basic info first : saw one person on the whole of this run which is a massive plus. The wind was….lets just say…it was a massive minus :-)
As usual my pics may not be in order but as youweren't there you won't notice (I hope) !
My plan was to arrive at Cheswick about daybreak, run south along the coast to the crossing to Holy Island, run around the island and run north again. Which is what I did. It was a clear sunny day with no rain but it was windy (as in WINDY).
I met this charming lady quite early on and she was pretty cool about me running on her patch. In fact she looked pretty chilled about life generally.

                                         Starting to cross the causeway onto Holy Island

                   The sun coming up. You can't see it, but Bamburgh Castle is over there.

Low clouds kept masking the sun
Looking back towards the causeway
The cross in the foreground almost aligns with Bamburgh Castle in the distance
Looking back at Lindisfarne
No idea what this is, but it took my eye. Stones.
I took a moment here halfway through my run to look out towards Norway
Now thats a beach

I had to drop down onto it to see the wonderful driftwood

I was so pleased to see this guy still there. I thought the big sea 2 weeks go would have done him
Just an amazing piece of wood
He's looking east
He's hiding!
 After that there was 8 miles of running into the wind. This is me at the end, happy but…you fill in the blanks!

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  1. Brilliant run Johnny, loved the guy on the beach!