Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Coniston to Buttermere : 26.5 miles, 6250 feet of climb, 6200 feet of descent

Few words needed here. Its the first leg of the Lakeland 100. Its very tough, both up and down. Photos are in no order as usual. 
                                                                                                                                                                             Beautiful skies

Jon heading up again

 Old copper mines  I believe

Snow on the tops

Coniston in the distance

So much colour and contrast in the Lakes

Bracken vs Grass

Narrowest bridge ever?

Checking the map

Vicious descents

Light and colour. Love it

Just after a massive descent

Top of the Black Sail Pass

Lush green fields

Tough country on a good day….

Jon at the start

Here we go

Sun, snow, skies

Loving a flat bit

Up we go again

Never seen clearer water

Spring is here. Green=hope


  1. One day Johnny one day! the pictures demand it!

  2. Wonderful pics! Almost makes me want to do it again!!