Monday, 5 May 2014

The Cheviot and Hedgehope

I see the Cheviot everyday when I go to work and am ashamed to say that until 2 weeks ago, I'd never been there. This weekend saw my second visit after ascending from Kirk Yetholm. This time I drove to Langleeford, ascended the Cheviot and then Hedgehope. The conditions were fine in that it wasn't cold, wet or windy. However as these photos show, visibility was pitiful for most of the run !

                                                         Looking back as I climbed up

                                                                    Getting murky

Visibility at the top of the Cheviot was 20 yards or so. This photo was taken around 11am in May. It hasn't been filtered or altered in any way. A colour photo too, I should add !

Atop the Cheviot

                                           I started down and loved running this little valley

Soon I realised I'd taken a wrong turn as per…….still the view was awesome, so who cares?

                             I loved the stream and its colours and clarity. Tasted damn good too

The section between the Cheviot and Hedgehope was….er….boggy. Never been in this deep before!

I climbed up to the top of Hedgehope

A steep descent and an undulating section led me back to my start point, where I had a good wash and cool down here.

The stats show 9.6 miles and 2800 feet of climb, but that tells next to nothing of the run. I really really enjoyed that. As in REALLY !

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