Monday, 21 January 2013

Bit of an extreme run in the snow

With no real intention, I set off for a run today with a fair bit of snow (4 inches say) on the ground and a blizzard blowing. Quite quickly I knew that it would be one of "those" runs. I tend to love or "just do" my runs with very little middle ground. Today was going to be a tip top affair. I felt OK physically, and the conditions were too big a challenge to resist. Here are some photos.

Setting off from home

Along the river bank

A modest few inches

Into my playground- Duns Castle woods

Whilst running up the Colonel's Walk I had

The long haul up the Hardens, only 2.5 miles to go!

Near the top, drifts hard to run through

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  1. Loving the extreme running Johnny :) hard work on the legs though!