Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow on the beach run

I ran a section of the Northumberland Coastal path today. It was pretty unique in that very rarely is there snow here. Today there was, as well as ice. I nearly lost my sense of humour at one point when I went through the snow and ice into water up to my knee. Oh and I face planted too! But hey, no damage done. This is what I saw when I got to Spittal and on the first few miles.

The path is mostly fairly obvious but not always. This is what I had to keep looking for.
I dropped off the path onto the beach as I know (and love) this beach. I've never seen it like this.
I ran south for a mile or two into a headwind that was biting to be polite and then I cut inland again and came across these two old boys.

And then these two old boys!
I headed on south seeing these views, the second of which is Holy Island before turning for home.

The return journey had the benefit of a tail wind (oh yeah !) and the sun almost broke through occasionally to light up the landscape beautifully. I am no photographer, I just point and click at what i see. Here are some.

My run today was a truly great experience. I battled through the wind at times, slipped on the ice at times and was cold at times. But I got to see a beach that looked like the Tundra, I saw two people in 2.5 hours. A shepherd looking his sheep and a lady walking her dog. I did get a wee bit carried away and do the Mo-bot for the benefit of every train that passed on the east coast line:-)
I do like to run!


  1. Good post Johnny, sounds like you enjoyed it!

  2. Beautiful photographs. Looks like a stunning run.

  3. Great post and run johnny loved the mobot !!!