Saturday, 26 January 2013

Holy Island trail run

I decided yesterday that I'd further explore the Northumberland coast. I had an early bed (after way too many beers it has to be said!) and set off at 6.30 for the seaside. We'd had quite a bit of snow through the night and the road was OK, if white and slippy. I got to Goswick beach, dressed myself and set off at 7.15. There was a light covering of snow so i could just see where I was going. I ran through the dunes the half mile that takes me onto the beach itself. The light was blueish and quite weird.
Unfortunately I cant work this blog thing very well, so the photos are in an odd order. The next three show the sun coming up as i crossed the causeway onto Holy Island. The view was stunning. I could see Bamburgh Castle as well

 Once across the causeway, I started to run around the island in a clockwise way. The beach on the east side was frozen at the high tide line. I imagine that this is rare.

 Oh and this is me!
 No idea what this is:-)
 Castle from the east
 Weird huts they have there, something to do with fishing?
 The castle from the west
 My foot tracks out and in, three hours apart.
These last two pics are from the start of my run but I cant shift them:-)

A mile or two down the coast, I started to see some lovely sights.

I enjoyed this run immensely. The first half was all about the sights, the light etc. The second half was all about me doing it. Am I allowed to swear in my blog? The last 8 miles hurt like f*ck. I was short on energy and running into a biting wind, but I took immense pleasure that I knew I was able to keep running until I got back to my car. Midlife crisis big style:-)


  1. Fantastic pics, what an awesome. Backdrop for a run, I've been there once, in the summer, looks gorgeous in the snow. Nice ruining too.

  2. Now were talking , that looks fab Johnny !! Ill be putting that on my list of to dos :) well done